Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Such Is Life...

Why is it that when I find the time to write, I can't think of anything to say, and when I have a lot to say, I'm too busy to write it down?

Such is life...

I'm spending another busy Tuesday. Took Danny to work at 6:45, Tiff pulled into my place right after I got back to leave the girls with me while she went to an appointment. She should be back by 11. Then I need to be at Bridgette's by 1pm to watch her kids while she goes to class.

I'm only finding time now cause the girls are eating breakfast and being good... I wonder how long that will last.

There's a dragon in my livingroom.... I can hear it roaring.

Tiff is in a holding pattern now, I think. She is ready to have this baby, but he isn't ready to come out. It has not been an enjoyable pregnancy, being sick all the time kinda puts a downer on the whole thing. (did I just date myself with that phrase?) And when that finally happens and Zachery Nathan is here, there will be all the visits to the Pediatric ICU. Eric spent the first 3 months of his life in the hospital, but the prediction had been 6. Zachery will probably be having the same kind of prediction. At least Tiff knows he will have to go in for immediate surgery after his birth, and that he has CF. Bridgette didn't know until the problems began the day after Eric was born.

Two CF babies in the family. I never dreamed this would happen to us. What are the odds that two daughters would test positive and marry men who tested positive? I'm not sure. Michelle is relieved she tested negative.

But life still goes on.....

We signed another year's lease on this apartment. I couldn't bear the idea of moving again so soon. The rent went up $45, which I think was a bit much, but with Bobby moving in, he will help to absorb the increase. I think, with Bobby's contribution, we will finally be able to breath a little bit financially. I really wasn't sure how much longer it could go on. With my dental bill, I have gotten pretty far in debt and it scares the begeebers out of me. But at least the dental work is done.

I'm still alone, no prospects on the horizon either. Dang, I really hate being single. I miss having a friend to talk to... really talk to and share the deepest part of my thoughts.... everything now is just bottled up inside.

Oh well, keeping busy is a good thing.