Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Enough is Enough is Enough!!!

I'm sick of Political Correctness!!

If it can do as much damage to my son's happiness and well being as it has done... how much more can it do to a nation's happiness and well being?!

My son is almost 22. He is autistic... For him that means his ability to emotionally cope with his world is at about the capacity of a 7-yr-old..... TOPS. In some ways he is still like a 4-yr-old. Yet he continues to be indoctrinated by "well meaning" liberal types to believe he can do anything...

That is what he hears... it has created a very selfish personality.

I spoke with his Developmental Disabilities manager. She told me he can do anything... anything that is, with support. But I have to question the support... at what cost is that support given?

He has been told he has the right to go to college (his high school diploma is modified, he is unable to comprehend beyond the 7th grade level). So he can go to college, spend tax-payer money to pay the tuition because I certainly can't afford it. But wait, he can't go alone, he cannot be left unsupervised. Someone will have to attend his classes with him, monitor him, keep him from misbehaving and indulging his shoe fetish (which can have legal ramifications). DDD services won't cover that expense... they think I will?? They tell him he has the right to the support, but then dump it on my lap?

And despite that, he won't pass any college level classes. At some point in his "college career" he will fail.... he won't be able to attain a degree. It is simply not within his capacity to do this. He isn't stupid, he just does not comprehend enough to be able to achieve the goal.

And his goal is to become a movie producer.... can you just picture what that would look like? If you can't, let me assure you it wouldn't be pretty.

So mom ends up being the heavy... Mom is the one who has to say "no". My choices to supply the support are to either fork out the money or my time. I really don't have either to spare. I have given to him for 2 decades. At what point am I allowed to have my life back?

Is it selfish for me to say enough is enough?

He has been told he can have a girlfriend, get married, have a family.... with support.

OH MY GOSH!!! What kind of support does that look like??? He cannot take care of himself, let alone a family.... He wants that family with a lower functioning autistic girl (control issues at the very least are manifest here). I draw the line at being his mom, I will not take on a family he has been irresponsibly told he can create. Will DDD services step in and supply funds to support this choice? I don't think so, that's all we need.... government workers raising other people's families!!

Where is taking responsibility for oneself in Political Correctness?? I can't find it.

All this indoctrination has created in him selfishness. He wants so therefor he demands. He mopes and pouts and has meltdowns if he can't get his way. I mean MAJOR MELTDOWNS. He is unhappy if he does not get his way, every day, every hour.... every minute.

It is exhausting....

I've tried to teach my children to delay gratification. To earn what they have, to work towards meeting their wants.... The indoctrination has instilled in him an attitude of demanding his wants are met. Not the needs, the wants. As far as he is concerned, his wants are his needs.

So instead of creating a happy, satisfied, self-mastering environment for my son, Political Correctness has created a demanding, selfish, "I am all that matters" attitude. And with it a lot of unhappiness.

I think the same can be applied to society at large.

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