Sunday, November 28, 2010

Getting Organized...

Today was another busy day. I spent yesterday and today getting things to help with organizing my little apartment and then bringing them home and organizing.

I have added to my collection of Ikea "Billy" bookshelves. I am now the proud owner of three 15" wide units. One for the dining area to hold cookbooks, canisters, and small appliances. One just off the dining area in the livingroom. This one has a door on it and will be used for glass bakeware & casseroles. The third is in my bedroom. I think I will take a novel approach to that one and put books on it.

I stubbed my toe while trying to help Danny figure out what to do with the 10' length of shelving on his floor. It will get cut down eventually, but it needed to be put out of danger of someone stubbing their toe on it. Yea, right!! Like I'm not going to walk right into that one! Now my poor little toe is purple, extending several inches into the body of my foot. It hurts too. I will probably have to wear my sandles with socks tomorrow just to get a shoe on the foot. I will have to ignor how dorky that looks.

Still, even with my throbbing toe I managed to empty a few boxes. Danny and I brought about a dozen more boxes out of storage. I felt a bit overwhelmed for a time, but I'm better now.

Slow and steady wins the race...

I like the way things are coming together.

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