Thursday, June 10, 2010


I am really suffering from writer's block right now. I sit down at my computer and my mind goes BLANK...

I will try to make some sense tonight as I write.

There have been several things in the past week of significance in my life. First and formost...


And throughout the whole Graduation proceeding he didn't make a spectacle of himself... at least not much of one. He has a tendency to raise both arms above his head... kinda hard to miss him when he does that. I kept watching him, waiting for him to do it, and he didn't. He behaved himself.

But he didn't behave during the Commencement. As you can see in the picture, taken with Bridgette's cell phone, you can't miss who Bobby is... I didn't get to go to this, he neglected to tell us about it. In fact, he told Bridgette that night that he had to go to a party at school and he was supposed to wear his cap and gown. He told her this at the time he was supposed to be there. She told him she would take him, but he would get his cap and gown dirty at a party so he had to leave it at home. When they got to the school, she noticed families and students wearing their caps and gowns. That was when she realized it was the Commencement Ceremony and she had to rush back home to get his cap and gown. Dinner was very late that night since she did not know to plan for a 3 hour block at dinner time.

Living with an autistic person certainly has it's frustrations. Trying to get him to understand the need for proper communication is not an easy task. The really frustrating part of this is that Bridgette was constantly asking him for the schedule. She knew graduation was coming and wanted to keep on top of it. Bobby has the emotional understanding of a young child, at most 7 years old, but I see some things in him that remind me of 4-year-old Alison. He will never really grow up. Physically he doesn't look 20, he looks more like 16 or 17.

Another thing in the past week was that I finally got that troublesome tooth pulled. I was nervous, really nervous. The dental student did a great job, and now I feel so much better. My mouth is sore a bit still, but that is healing up nicely too. The really great part is that about 2 hours after the tooth was out I started feeling the fog lift from my brain. It is a slow process, but I am feeling better, a little more healthy. I think that tooth was contributing a good amount to the health problems I have dealt with over the last decade or so. Yes, that tooth has been a problem for a very long time.

I drank a tea, called ESSIAC tea, to maintain myself. Without it I was ready to grab a pair of pliers and yank that tooth out myself. But because of the tea's ability to keep the pain away, I continued to put off getting it pulled. So it was great that I could keep the pain away, but not so great that the tooth continued to be a problem. Now that the tooth is out, I will continue to drink the tea to help clean out the infection. The tea works as a blood cleanser. Made from sheep sorrel, burdock root, slippery elm and turkey rhubarb. I originally tried it from a health food store, and it wasn't any good. The herbs have to be fresh and health food stores are not a good source for fresh herbs. I get my herbs from a reliable source and have never been disappointed with this company. On this website she calls it "4 Herb Tea".

Tiffany is graduating this Sunday. It has been a long, hard ordeal for her. I am glad for her that it is coming to a close. Congratulations Tiffany and Bobby!!


  1. Congratulation! What a wonderful sister Brigette is! You must be very proud! :)

  2. Thanks Reema, I am proud of my kids. Bridgette told me she has felt Bobby would live with her ever since she was a teen. Bridgette is a compassionate and caring woman. She has a blog too if you would like to look at it.

  3. miss reading your stuff... hope you are well.