Tuesday, October 5, 2010

An Accomplished Day...

We accomplished a lot today.

The carpet has been cleaned as much as it will come clean. The markers did not come out. Little girls and permanent markers and carpet should never be put together. Especially if they hide their "artwork" under a throw rug so it isn't found and cleaned out right away. There is green in the livingroom and blue in the master bedroom. Although faded pretty light, you can still see the color in the sunlight.

Today was also Danny's birthday. He took yesterday and today off for that reason, but he didn't get to spend them as he had wanted. The good news is that the carpet cleaning is over and now they can dry. We have begun to bring our things out of storage.

One of the first things we brought out was my tv (thank you Jenny, I still have the big tv you gave me), as well as Danny's tv stand. He got the tv set up today and hooked it up to his Wii so we can watch streamed Netflix. Both of us suddenly felt like we were home. We just looked at each other and smiled. We gave each other a big hug. We are using our things now. It is familiar and comfortable.

We moved my grandmother's buffet out of the dining area into the living area. The little freezer also came out of the dining area. It will be put in a corner in Danny's room (he got the master bedroom, because his bed is bigger and that was the room Tiffany and the girls shared).

Then we experimented with arranging the tables in the dining area til I found a way I liked. I now have an "office" area to work! My computer was in here before, but it was really crowded. And being that I shared the space with a freezer and the buffet, it was not dedicated to just me. I will be able to bring out my craft supplies again and begin a project or two. Chris already has something he wants me to get started on. And things are going to stay where I put them. This is going to be fun!!

I also decided to re-arrange my room. I like it much better now, and will more so when I am done. I have bookshelves to take out and a dresser to bring out of storage. I even have some pretty lace curtains to put on the window that my mom gave to me. I have the curtain rod and pull backs already, just have not been able to use them. Now I can.

This is really exciting to me. After 2 years of feeling like I was living in someone else's home, I finally feel like I am in my home. I am sure Tiffany is feeling that way too.... it is really hard to share a home with another adult woman. I didn't realize how hard until I had to do it. I am grateful to her for sharing with me when I needed the help. She did sacrifice something there for me.

There is still a lot of work to do. The apartment is still upside-down, so to speak. I can't get into the dishwasher or the oven right now because the freezer is blocking them. The carpet is still a bit wet and the bottom of the freezer would rust on it, so we have to wait until it is very dry.

There are boxes from storage to unpack, furniture to arrange, shelves to put up. There are more things still in storage to bring out. There is still a lot of work and we are happy to be doing it.

I think we will both sleep well tonight.

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