Friday, October 8, 2010

Drunk Drivers, Dentists, and Difficult Decisions...

This morning was spent in the dentist chair... again. I got two more teeth fixed. I was really nervous as to how much it was going to cost, because one of the teeth was worse off then he originally thought, so it required more work. It was the one and only root canal I had done a few years ago and the filling went bad. It had chipped so it looked like my tooth was broken. It looks great now, I am pleased.... except for the $248 I had to spend. I guess it could have been worse, he didn't have to crown the tooth. I am grateful it wasn't more.

Paying for all the dental work is beginning to make me nervous. I am beginning to rethink what I will get done and what I may postpone or cancel.

My income has taken a dive. I won't be receiving the back due child support for a while from my kid's dad. He was in a serious car accident and will be laid up for quite a while. Broke his arm and leg and then developed complications with blood clots. It was touch and go for a while, but it looks like he is out of the woods now. I am glad he is okay.

He was hit head on by a teenage drunk driver, with no insurance. I wonder if that kid even realizes how many lives have been affected by his poor choice? My ex-husband of course; the friends he is now having to stay with because he cannot take care of himself; His brother, who now has to take car of their mom (my ex was taking care of her); my kids, because he is their dad; and me, because I rely on the monthly payments to get by.

I am praying to be able to find a small job to fill in the gap. Not even sure where to begin with that. I do have a friend who has been asking around to her business associates if they have need for a little help.

For now, I will continue to take it a day at a time. And think about those hard decisions... There is really nothing else I can do. Except to continue to give Thanks to God for the blessings I do have. And I do have a lot, I cannot loose sight of that.

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