Friday, February 11, 2011

One Of Those Days.... on Steriods....

Today was an incredibly emotional day that did not go as planned...

We had it all figured out. Danny had a policy with a roadside assistance company through his bank account. He had signed up over two years ago and made the monthly payments every month. The policy provided for 5 tows a year at 150 miles per tow. We finally found a mechanic through a friend's referral, and although he was about 45 miles away, we figured the tow would be covered by the roadside assistance policy. The friend had called in a favor and the mechanic had agreed to take care of us as inexpensively as possible.

Danny called the roadside assistance company yesterday to request new cards. He had lost his and he wanted me to have one too. Although the phone connection was not the greatest, the person on the other end confirmed what he was asking.

Today he called back to order the tow, and to his surprise, the account had been canceled the day before. Try as he might, they would not take responsibility for their mistake. The best they would offer was a $63 premium refund... and a reinstatement that would require a 30 day waiting period before a tow would be covered.

Danny was livid.....

I sat at my desk and cried....

Would this nightmare ever go away???

Tonight we are calmer. A man from our ward is coming over around noon to take a look. He is a mechanic and will do his best to figure it out. I haven't paid my bills yet, so there is some money in the bank. Danny will be able to buy what parts are needed, I hope, and then Michelle and John have agreed to loan Danny whatever it cost and he will put it back into my account so I can pay my bills.

If this doesn't work, because the problem is bigger than we thought, then he will research to see if he can find a flat tow fee from Beaverton to Keiser for less than $175.00, and we will have it towed to our friend's mechanic on Monday.

We are praying it will be properly diagnosed and fixed tomorrow, and that we have enough money to cover it.

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  1. Sounds like we are all in our own little nightmares lately. I hope it gets better for you.