Thursday, February 3, 2011

More of Life Going On.....

I'm afraid I'm having a hard time coming onto this blog and focusing my thoughts. I suppose you've noticed (tongue in cheek).

I feel like my life has been on a rollercoaster for so long, I'm not sure how to get off.

The car got fixed, then promptly began another problem. It literally died going 55mpg on the inside lane on a 3 lane freeway. The engine simply stopped. Traffic was moderately heavy. I said a quick prayer and moved over. After crossing over the other two lanes, I was successful in pulling off onto the roadside. I am very grateful for cell phones.

We had to be towed home. Another $73 I did not have had to be spent to get this car back to my apartment complex, where the rule is... no non-working vehicles allowed. At least it sorta worked before, now nothing.

I really don't need this stress.

But on a brighter note, my male relationship issues seem to be improving. At least I was able to enjoy an evening playing Catan with my son and a friend without vertigo returning or loss of breath. Both happened the first time the friend came over. Geeze, why do we make things so hard on ourselves???

Tiffany has been very sick, so I have been taking care of her girls. She was put on bedrest. I took the girls to the store with me on Monday. I only had to get a few things, so I thought an hour at the most... Two and a half hours later we finally got back to my apartment!! My thoughts were "HOW DID I DO IT WITH SIX KIDS IN TOW???"

I saw my kid's dad today... sometimes nothing changes...

I am grateful for prayer. I am grateful when I feel like nothing is going right, like I am digging a hole so deep I will never see the light of day again, that my perception is wrong. Prayer works... Comfort comes... Peace settles in.

Thank you Lord, for being there every time I reach out.

Thank you Lord, for being there even when I don't.

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