Sunday, July 11, 2010

Last Week....

It was a full week. I love full weeks!

I spent last weekend with Bridgette and her family. It was the 4th so she had friends over as well. It was nice being in an active house... mine had become so empty.

I took Danny to work early Monday morning then headed for home. Danny spent the week with me, so it was my job to take him and pick him up. And I get to keep the car!! Yes, I have a car again!!

Tuesday I was back at Bridgette's in Woodburn. We were going to go to movie day at a local theater, but one of her kids was sick. So instead we folded laundry. I had stopped at Walmart before I got to her house, and had found a boxed set of X-Men for $10, all three movies which I had not watched all the way through. Yes, I am a Sci-Fi fan, but I had never really gotten around to actually getting interested in the X-Men movies. But $10! I am a sucker for a good deal.... I bought the movies.

So Tuesday we watched the X-Men movies and folded laundry. I have my own way of watching movies and doing chores at the same time. I love that you can pause the DVD's, which I do and would drive others nuts. So, when a basket is folded, the movie gets paused and the clothes get put away. Simple and productive yet fun. So Bridgette's mountain of laundry got smaller and the clothes made it all the way to their final destination. AND... I actually watched the X-Men, so I understand the story line at last!! I guess I can die content now that I know what happened to the X-Men!! (That comment was for those who look at me with shocked faces that I actually was not/am not a die hard fan of the X-Men... you know who you are!!)

Wednesday was supposed to be a day of rest, trying to gather my energy for Thursday, but it was hot (101 degrees) so Tiffany came home with her girls and a couple of tag alongs. The a/c got used for the first time, and the house was busy.

Thursday I went with Bridgette and her rug rats to Astoria. That was a great day. We started at the Battery Russel, which is in the day park area of Fort Stevens. We climbed through the old cement bunkers at the only place the Japanese bombed the continental USA during WWII. Since the fort was understaffed and undergunned, the powers-that-be decided not to return fire, so the Japanese continued on their way, not knowing exactly where the fort was. My dad was in Astoria at the time of the bombing, he grew up there. My mom told me that he actually stood at the top of a hill, being almost 12 years old, and watched the bombing take place!

Friday was "girls night in" at Bridgette's. She invited a friend over, and me, and we watched "The 10th Kingdom". Or should I say, they watched and I slept! I just ran out of umph!! The gave themselves pedicures and watched the whole thing!! I think it ended at about 3am!!

It was a busy week, and I really enjoyed it, but I was so exhausted by Saturday I spent a lot of the day in bed. I guess I can't do too many of those kinds of weeks very often.

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