Friday, July 23, 2010

To Open a New Door...

I've started several posts, only to get stuck before I could finish them. Here is another attempt...

I have had a lot on my mind. Where is my life leading me? How am I to get there? Am I following the Lord's will or stuck in my own? Experience has taught me that I am much safer following the Lord's will. Mine usually just gets me into trouble.

I was recently introduced to a book called "The Emotion Code". It was written by a chiropractor who began to notice the emotional reactions of some of his patients when he adjusted their spines. That somehow the adjustment released those emotions. My own chiropractor once told me he has experienced the same phenomena. It has also happened to me once after an adjustment.

The book is written in the category of energy medicine. It describes the energy of a trapped emotion as a ball of energy, trapped in a part of the body. This trapped emotion has a vibration that differs from the vibration of the tissue, and dominates the tissue vibrations, changing them and causing an imbalance in the system. Restoring balance is done through magnets. Having already learned a bit about vibrational/energy medicine, I was intrigued. After having read the entire book, I have found there was nothing that I found offensive to my belief system.

So I am asking myself, is this a direction the Lord would have me follow? Nothing in it offends my personal beliefs, and I feel it is worth exploring further.

What I do understand about my mission here on this earth, is that I am supposed to help others. I also feel that help is to encompass both physical and spiritual nurturing. I have already studied and obtained a certificate in Holistic Nutrition. But I do not feel my education is complete. I have done some studies in Herbology, and have some other interests in Alternative Medicine, including Vibrational or Energy Medicine.

I guess I need to follow my own advice, the counsel I give to my children and others that present the need to make a decision and finding it hard. Pray about it. The Lord will never lead us astray. Through prayer I can discover what the Lord's will is for me. And find out if this is a path I would benefit in taking? Is it time to open a new door and bravely step through it?

I am so grateful for the opportunity to pray over my decisions and problems. It is comforting to know I am not alone, and that someone wiser than I is willing to guide me through this unpredictable experience called life.

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