Thursday, March 10, 2011

Children... Grandchildren... and Reality...

I really need to keep a pencil and paper by my bedside at night. I keep coming up with these wonderful subjects to write about, only to have not a clue what they were at daybreak. Since I really don't want to make it a habit of getting up at 2am and writing for an hour, I think the pencil/paper solution where I would jot down the main idea would probably work nicely.

At least I would know what my brilliant mind was thinking at 2am!

My luck, the ideas are better left forgotten.

But despite my lack of ideas, life does go on. There are three grandbabies waiting to make their entrance into this world. Another daughter for Chris and Crystal, who I am sure will be as beautiful as both her mother and her sister. Crystal is so ready for that day.

I remember those days, the waiting seemed to be an eternity, yet after the birth, time flew. That little angel had the nerve to grow up! And the angel was replaced by a 2-yr-old who found and read that mysterious manual. You know the one I am talking about... It amazes me how similar 2-yr-olds are.

The other two grandbabies have a few more months to go. First Michelle and her little girl, then a week or so later, Tiffany with a son. Both families are very excited, getting the sex they were hoping for.

Well, then, I wonder how much Tiffany thought having a boy would affect her? It seems she is allergic to the male hormones, so her body had the nerve to break out in hives. So not only is she beyond sick, she is itching up the ying-yang to boot!!

I do not miss those days. Being a grandma is where it is at!

My son Bobby will be moving back in with me in June. It has been two years since we have lived at the same place. Danny and I are both praying it turns out okay. Bobby can be quite demanding, he is high maintenance. I think the biggest problem is that when we were in Arizona, the people who should have known better filled his head with aspirations that far exceed his ability. That was such an unfair thing to do to him and to his family. We are now the "bad guy", telling him he cannot go to college, become a movie producer, or have a family that his mom will raise.

Going to college. To do so you have to have a high school education. Yes, he has graduated, with a modified diploma that shows his education has not exceeded the 7th grade. There is no modifying in college.

When we received his school records from Arizona, the school here immediately saw there was a problem. They claimed on the records that he could do things he could not do, or knew things he did not know. They had to scramble to make it possible for him to graduate by the time he was 21. I shouldn't be surprised, I've heard that Arizona schools rank #50 among United States schools. That's last on the list!!

Being a movie producer! Let's get real here. Besides the fact that you need money to do this, you also need people skills, communication skills beyond that of a toddler. And I would assume you need more than a 7th grade equivalent education.

And finally. A family that his mom will raise??? I don't think so! I've done my raising. He tells his developmental disabilities worker that he intends to marry an autistic girl who is lower functioning then he is (huge red flag here), will have children and his mom will take care of them. This mom is not in agreement.

So thanks a lot Arizona schools. We have damage control to do here. It has been two years, and there is still much work to do.

I am grateful I can pray and ask for strength here. I really need it. Raising an autistic child is hard, undoing damage done by the school system to our children is really hard... put them together and it will definitely take Divine assistance to bring this around.

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  1. Yes, there is so much damage done. I have tried the best I could and have made the tiniest bit of headway with him. But alas, I'm spent. I hope that the foundation I have tried to lay will be a stable one for you to work with and we can all see him grow. I'm sorry I can't do more. I hope it works out for you and Danny too. Love ya!