Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bullying Is Never An Option!! Part 2

I started talking about this yesterday. A conversation started because someone said some hurtful things in a posting on Moms of Adult Kids in CafeMom. The original post stated that there have been cases where teens have actually taken their own lives from the depression created from being bullied on social sites. There were many responses to the subject, and a lot of similar stories.

Then a member posted that if someone chooses to take their life because of something someone else said, then they probably already had emotional problems. I again responded:

I agree, and they need help, gentle and real. I have been suicidal in the past, I know the hopelessness that engulfs that mindset.

I am a huge believer in personal responsibility. To me this is a good reason why it is important to always treat others with respect and kindness. You never know what could trigger another....... If I said or did something to someone else out of meanness, and they make a poor decision because of my selfishness, I believe I have some responsibility towards that outcome.... I may not be able to control others, but I can control me. I do not want to be purposefully responsible for another persons pain.

I do really feel this way. Too many people today do not take responsibility for themselves, their actions, or the consequences of their actions.

If a teen, through goofing off, causes an accident and someone gets hurt, should they/the parents pay the doctor/hospital bill. YES!! Most definitely!! Yet when that question was posted I was amazed at how many women said "no, kids goof off, things like this happen".

I don't get it? No wonder this society is so messed up. I wonder if this is the result of too many laws? Are we so governed by something outside ourselves that we loose touch with what ought to have been created inside? So few take personal responsibility anymore. If there isn't a specific law written to cover it, then you are safe. WHAT?? That sounds like my autistic son's reasoning..... It is only wrong if he gets caught!

Personal responsibility is a fundamental principal. It should be a basic learned from a very young age. It is as important as "don't touch a hot stove", or "look both ways before you cross the street". We all carry responsibility in our interactions with other people. May we always keep that in mind, and remember that everyone is a loved child of God and deserves decent treatment.

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