Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shall I make it Two?

Second day in a row, after a very long absence. Thanks Reema, It's nice to know I am loved :-)

I've joined a new social site. It's called CafeMom. It's really a forum, where you can ask and answer questions and get to know other mom's you have things in common with.

Tiffany told me about it. She has been on for a while, and because she was so active in it she was asked to be a moderator. One of the perks of being a mod is they receive store gift cards each month as a thank you for their participation. Tiff gets a $50 Target gift card every month. That is for one group. You can be asked to be a mod for several different groups, and get a gift card for each.

Hmmmmmm...... the creative financing widgets in my head started turning. If I can manage to become a CafeMom Mod on a few of those groups, I could count it towards the income I have to come up with to replace the alimony that dries up next May. Having a job would be best, but requires I am actually able to do the job without stressing out. So far that has not been a reality. I have been really concerned over what I am going to do when the alimony runs out. I'm not going to make it very far on just SSD. My first ex-husband will be court ordered to pay me child support for forever, he is soooo far behind. But with his inconsistency, I really do not want to be holding my breath for his payments.

If I could manage to become a mod on 3 groups, that could get me $150 in gift cards a month. I'm not sure about all the stores offered, but just Target and Walmart would pretty much cover most my shopping expenditures each month. My goal is 3, more would be great. I could get groceries, non-food household items, clothes, etc., and not have to have cash for those purchases.

Yes, I can be creative. I can make new friends. I love to write. I do believe this could work! I will still need to find a way to make some cash, but every gift card will reduce the cash I will need.

I've been having fun. I still feel shy, haven't put my pic up yet..... we know how long it took me to get it up here. One of the ladies said today that I brighten her day. That made me smile.

But I have also noticed some of those women think they have license to be mean in their comments. I guess I've lead a sheltered life, actually I know I have, I have been shocked to see how other women present themselves. I try not to expose myself to that kind of viciousness.


Isn't it weird? I have lived through an incredibly abusive childhood, endured one bad marriage that included abuse, abandonment, infidelity, and crazy-making, endured another bad marriage that included crazy-making and infidelity, have PTSD and fibromyalgia..... yet I say I have lived a sheltered life?

I think I need my head examined!!

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