Monday, August 29, 2011

Life Can Be Good....

There have been so many changes in me over the last year. Some of them have been recorded here. I wish I had been better at keeping track of myself, but life happens whether I pay attention or not. My life is good right now. Not that all is going smoothly, but I am not having panic attacks over what isn't.

I haven't panicked that my second husband lost his job. He is still paying me alimony that I am sorely in need of. No money from him this month.

I haven't panicked that my first husband is having health issues and will be out of commission for probably 4 months. I doubt there will be any money from him for those months.

I haven't panicked that the shocks are about as bad as they can get on the car and is costing almost $200 to repair... just for parts. Danny will be installing them when they arrive, which is supposed to be tomorrow.

I haven't panicked and God has been good to me, I think because I have been using faith instead of fear.

I finished filling out the application to become a "Domestic Employee". That means I can get paid to do what I already do in taking care of Bobby. This is going to be nice, as there are times that taking care of him are .... well..... difficult. Difficult is the right word, right Bridgette? And as listed above, the income is sorely needed.

I love Bobby, don't ever doubt that. But sometimes he is insatiable. He wants and he wants and he wants. I'm really not sure he understands others have needs too. Oh well. That's Bobby.

I also got my fingerprinting done, to be sent in with the application. That way I don't have to wait until they ask for it and hopefully cut off some time waiting for approval. I did a fingerprinting a few months ago for DHS childcare, but ended up not doing the job. But they cannot share background checks, so I had to do it again. My pinky finger on my left hand did not want to co-operate, so I hope the fingerprints are accepted. She tried 7 or 8 times, but my hand was just too dry. I'm sending a prayer along with the package that I don't have to do it again.

I'm heading back to Montana in a few days. Yep, you read that right. Remember when I said I think I left something behind? I did, and there is something there waiting for me to claim in return. I am driving again, but this time Danny is not going with me. I have asked a friend to ride along, as I really am not comfortable going alone. It is a 12 hour drive. Bobby is going with me, but he really doesn't count.

The plan was to leave on Monday, but with the shocks coming tomorrow or Wednesday, and my mom really doesn't want me to be on the road during Labor Day Weekend, we will probably be leaving Friday. Yea, I know, the beginning of the weekend. But most people are still working Friday. Monday is the day everyone has off.

I've arranged for a ride to work for Danny on Monday. He has to work on Labor Day, and the buses are not running til later in the morning. I feel kinda guilty that he is having to ride the bus for the time I am gone, but he has done it before. I do need to let go of that one.

Wish me well.... this trip is an important one.

I think there are more changes in store for the future....

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