Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Danny and I got in the car this morning to take him to work..... We said our prayer, thankful for the car and that it has been running properly. Thankful for Danny's job. Please bless us today that this car gets us to where we need to go in safety.

I began to back out of the parking space and then we heard it..... G.R.I.N.D......

We looked at each other... the look of horror on each others faces to see. I stopped... We listened... The sound settled down. So I continued to drive. We got as far as the street, and Danny said "pull over and pop the hood please". I did.

He stood there looking at the engine. He knew that sound was familiar, but couldn't quite place it. It settled down again, so he dropped the hood and we drove off again.

We got to the end of our street, and pulled onto Beaverton/Hillsdale Hwy.

G.R.I.N.D again.

"Pull over again", so I pulled into the Target parking lot. It was just about 7am. We listened again, and it was familiar to me too.

"That sounds like Bridgette's van. Her power steering is having problems".

Danny smiled, "I knew that sounded familiar." He checked the power steering fluid. First he had to find it, but being that it clearly says "power steering, do not overfill" on the cap, it was easy to find.

The reservoir was low, just below the low mark. We smiled. There is a gas station on Canyon, just two blocks away. They will be open and we can get some fluid.

I drove carefully to the gas station. Danny was able to purchase a quart of power steering fluid for $5. A bit pricey, but so much cheaper than a new power steering unit. He put the fluid in to the full mark. I drove away, and no more G.R.I.N.D....... just a nice, quiet purr.

Thank you Lord, for blessing us today. Thank you for protecting this car that we need to continue to run. Thank you for making sure we were able to "correct" before a major repair would be needed. Thank you for having this happen today, when I am leaving in two days for Montana. Thank you Lord, for keeping us safe. For how mindful of us you truly are.

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  1. It awesome how the Lord helps us. Haha- I'm glad my car problems helped you figure out yours :)