Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I was going to say in this post that there isn't a whole lot to share.... but that isn't true.

Tiffany is moving out tomorrow with her two girls. The apartment is going to be a whole log quieter, and things will stay where I leave them.

I just got home from a counseling appointment and thought I ought to eat, since I didn't get breakfast. The apartment was quiet, so I thought the girls and Tiffany were taking a nap.

I went to the fridge and took out 2 eggs to cook them. I placed them on the counter, started the butter melting in the pan, and sat down at my computer to start this. When the butter was melted and ready, I returned for the eggs but one was missing. I KNEW I had taken out 2 eggs. I checked the counter, the floor.. nothing. I checked by my computer, the other counter... heck, I even looked in the sink! Nothing. Was I loosing my mind?

Just then I saw the almost 3-yr-old. She was butt naked... nada... zip...

She turned and ran back out of the kitchen. I followed her back to her room, and as I rounded the corner, the 4-yr-old was standing in the hall.... the uncracked white egg in her hand.

"Here" was all she said.

Yes, things will stay where I leave them.

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