Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Tranquility of Grandparenthood....

"Alison! Stop pulling her hair!"

"But Chloe kicked me!"


This is how my day began. I had just arrived at my daughter Tiffany's house and by just looking at her face I KNEW it was going to be one of those days.

And it is....

Alison will be 4 soon, Chloe recently turned 2.

Actually, my day began two hours eariler. I was awakened by a picture text sent by my daughter-in-law in Arizona. They are an hour ahead of me, so I don't think Crystal realized it was only 6:20am for me. I didn't mind the wake up. She sent me a picture of her daughter, Kullie, sitting in her car seat, holding a big cup of Starbucks chocolate milk with the caption "Guess who likes Starbucks.."

These little ones grow up way too fast.

Wasn't it just yesterday when their parents were the ones pulling hair, kicking each other and loving a warm cup of chocolate milk?

Whops! gotta go, Chloe just pelted Alison in the face with her little but very effective right foot......


Nap time.

So I pick up Chloe to take her to her room for her afternoon nap. As we round the corner I'm stopped in my tracks. There is a mountain of books in between their beds... A MOUNTAIN!! I notice the bookshelf is totally empty, clean, bare of any cumbersome items that might make it looks like it is actually USED.

I put Chloe down, I can't reach her bed safely. She runs over the pile, giggling, grabs one off the top and settles into the far corner of the room with her treasure.

I do what grandma's do. I start to pick up the books. Then I decided to do the OCD thing.. I start counting...1 - 2 - 3 --- all the way up to 93 books! That's how many were in the mountain in the middle of the floor. Big books, small books, lots of "I Can Read All By Myself" books with the "Cat in the Hat" in the upper right corner, Scholastic books, Barbie and Disney Princess books. My there were a lot of books.

I'm not completely O.C.D., I just placed the stacks on the shelves. I'll let Tiffany organize them how she wants them to be. Not that they will stay that way. Chloe is still giggling with her book in the corner. She does not want to relinquish her treasure. I change her diaper and put her to bed ... with her book... no need to deal with more than I am able.

Sweet dreams Chloe.... yes, being a grandma has it's moments :-).

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