Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Boring Day...

Another day gone by. I spent some time looking at other people's blogs and ended up feeling quite intimidated. If I ever figure out how to fancy it up, I will be amazed at myself. I am computer illiterate, literally!

Today was a day spent with two of my grand daughters. Their mom, my youngest daughter, the 22 year old one, was doing school stuff. The girls were having a bad day...drama queen day.... and frankly, I'm glad to be home now. WHEW!!

Time to watch Glenn Beck and then go to sleep. Got my VCR hooked up to the living room tv, so I can start recording it in the afternoon and will be able to get to sleep at a decent time again. I really admire him, and I pray for him and his family.

I know, really boring today. Too tired to think.

Good night


  1. Hi Sandy,
    I popped over to your blog after you commented on my (livinglovingbreathingboys). Thank you for sharing. I am 41 years old... so we are born in the same year. I just wanted to encourage you in your search of you and companionship. You are not alone. I think that there so so many ladies just like you... yet God is faithful. He will give you just what you need. Maybe right now He thinks that you need time for you and Him.

    Keep blogging ... it is a great way to share and see growth in one's self.
    I will be checking out your blog!

  2. Thanks Reema,

    I'm 49, will be 50 in May. Thank you for your encouragement. I saw a genuineness in the way you write and I liked it.

    I believe you are right, God has work to do with me. I'm okay with that, in fact I welcome His "tweeking" of me, even though it often hurts for a time. In the "real world" I am shy & quiet, so I'm hoping by blogging I will be able to leak some of the courage I have in writing over to speaking.