Friday, February 19, 2010

Good Morning!

I got to sleep in today!! A rare and welcome treat. I don't need to be at Tiff's til 4:00 this afternoon.

I just finished my walk. I try to walk a little over a mile each day for 5/7 days in the week. I usually make it 6/7 days. And yes, I have lost some weight. I started doing it shortly after I moved back to Oregon. The sciatic nerve injury left me unable to move for so long I had become very weak. It scared me. I had to work into the walks and some days I DO NOT WANT TO GO!!!!! But the alternative of where I was at just a few months ago is enough motivation to get me out the door.

When I started I was only able to walk 100 steps at a time. That was all. I did it in Tiff's apartment, and it is a little apartment. It was 20 steps from the front door, making a U shape to the back of the kitchen. I did it 5 times and then rested. I remember the day I was able to do 1000 steps at one time. I was so excited. Now I do around 3000 steps, which is a little over a mile with my step length.

I INTEND to do some work in my room today. I live with my sister, and have one bedroom that is mine. She wanted me to disperse my belongings throughout her house, and I started to do it, but a nagging feeling inside told me to not continue. I'm glad I listened to that feeling...

She had just replaced the carpet in the living room, family room, dining room and hallway with wood floors. Dog problems... need I say more? Because there is no man in the house to object, she has turned the living room into a craft room. Every crafting woman's dream! It looks really neat, with an island in the middle and a few work tables, as well as lots of IKEA storage space. It looks like an IKEA showroom. Can you guess she likes IKEA? She was building this as I moved in and it was quite the chaos for a time. Then I moved in with my 12 foot trailer full of belongings and added to it.

I started to put my craft supplies and tools in the craft room and that is when I got the feeling I ought to wait. I had been excited to be able to use the room, but I listened to that feeling instead.

A short while later my sister decided to replace the master bedroom carpet as well (same reason). That evolved into a complete redo of the Master Bedroom (her room), which was badly outdated. My sister has decided to continue the remodeling of her house, first the her room, then the kitchen. Well, yesterday workmen came over and started demolishing her room. Right now the bedroom furniture and stuff is piled in the living room/craft room. After her room is done I suspect the kitchen will be emptied into the craft room. It is really the only space available to hold the stuff.

Not that I have done many craft projects lately. I haven't done much of anything lately, except breathe.... OK, not completely true. I do watch my granddaughters for Tiff. That injury really laid me up. I cannot describe how awful it was. I had to use a walker for months, when I was able to stand up. I have only been able to sit for less than 2 months. I never understood how a person could not sit, until it happened to me. Driving was excruciating, I would cry and practice the breathing I used in childbirth to get to my destination. I moved from Arizona to Oregon before I was able to sit, so I laid in the back seat of the truck for 1400 miles! I know exactly where my sciatic nerve runs down my right leg, from my back to the bottom of my foot. I have felt it. I have a brand new appreciation for mobility.

Back to the crafts, I enjoy scrapbooking, among other crafts. I have lots of supplies and such, but little actual projects finished, at least in the scrapbooking dept. Did I mention I have A.D.D.? I get sidetracked easily. Lots of things started but few finished. The story of my life.... Sound familiar Chris? Chris is my oldest son, A.D.H.D. pretty bad, but man is he creative and talented. He designs clothing, has incredible scrapbooks, refurbishes furniture, decorates whole homes, and can works wonders with whatever else he decides to take a crack at. He started making clothes for his daughter, Kullie, out of his old shirts and it has exploded. His house may have some unfinished projects, but his creations are awesome! He has a site on ESTY

Ok, back to the crafts.... again.. I hope to be able to find my supplies soon. Most of my stuff is upstairs in the attic. Not just my craft supplies, but also food. It requires a ladder to access the attic and I am not allowed on ladders. My kids would have a fit if I tried. My middle son, Danny, is my official "attic helper guy". Not much will fit in my room, but I am determined. Tiffany and Danny came over a few weekends ago and helped me put shelves on one wall. Right now they are piled full of boxes. All I have to do it start going through the boxes, decide what I need now and what can go back into the attic for now. Why do I feel so overwhelmed with this? One box at a time. Let's see how many boxes I get through today.

There are not going to be any crafts today.


I didn't do the boxes. I went to the temple instead. I needed the peace and connection to God I feel there. Not that I can't feel a connection elsewhere, I just decided that I needed to go..... glad I did.

I did get a few things done that were on my list, just not any boxes. There is always tomorrow. I'm spending the night at Tiffany's, but returning home tomorrow morning.

Chloe locked herself in the closet... Alison decided she only wanted cheese on her taco shell... But they both love Dora, so life is good.

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