Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm not sure I'm going to be writing much on the weekends. I've become a lot busier. Sunday of course, is the day I go to church. I wasn't feeling that great, but I went anyway. Not a flu bug or anything, the consequences of eating poorly yesterday. You see, I was so thirsty and Tiffany and I were out doing errands. Wendy's was right there and they sell Dr. Pepper. I love DP. I know better, I really do. But I... well... uh... gave in.... and now I'm paying for it. Sure enough, I am paying the price for my weakness and indulgence. But it sure tasted good at the time. I am usually in pain the following day. It will take a few days, some careful eating to detox my system, and a new commitment to have more respect for my body and not put in it what I already know will hurt it. This too will pass. I'm getting closer to learning my lesson and hopefully soon there won't be temptation anymore.

Isn't that the way "sin" is? You know, the things we do that keep us away from God? That put up a wall so we don't feel connected? It sure felt good at the time, but afterwards... well... uh... not so good. And then we have to do the work - called repentance - that will bring us back to feeling God's presence again. If we do the work (repent), then God gives us His Grace. Through His Grace, forgiveness is given. This too will pass. And someday, that temptation won't have the pull anymore. This is how I believe. I believe this because there are some temptations that no longer have their pull on me. I've been able to do a little overcoming. Not alone, I had huge help (again God's Grace), but it has happened. I still very much believe... I can't, God can, I will let Him.

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