Thursday, February 25, 2010


Who needs stress? NOBODY. I certainly don't. A few years before my divorce, my now ex-husband was listening to the radio on his commute and called me up. "Did you know that fibromyalgia is a stress-induced illness?" DUH!! Can't recall how many times I had already told him that, but coming from me had no credibility I guess.

I got a phone call from the D.A. office this morning. My first ex, the father of my children, has a court hearing or trial or something on Tuesday. He is in violation of his probation because of non-payment of child support. He owes me over $222,000.00! I could really use that money. The D.A. practically chewed me out because I don't have information on him, no contact. It made me feel like I was the one in the wrong instead of being the one wronged.

My daughters have limited information and have agreed to testify at the hearing. I hate putting them in that place. But without any testimony the D.A. said she would have to throw the case out. I don't understand? He gets away with his laziness because I have no information? He has already been in court, been put on probation for non-compliance. He says he doesn't have a job, shouldn't he be forced to get one? I am not for the government controlling our lives, but he is in the system, on probation. He has broken the law over and over. Shouldn't he loose some rights because of it? Make him get a job. If they have no power over him, what does probation mean???

I take back my original comment that nobody needs stress. Maybe those who, with intention, violates the rights of others and causes them stress should have stress themselves. Maybe it would be a motivator to make different choices, more correct choices.

Looks like I'm going to court on Tuesday. Pray for me please, I don't do stress well.


  1. Wow that is a LOT of money! That is also very sad that he did not see fit to support his children. I will be thinking of you and say a prayer. You need to go get something nice... does not have to be expense... but treat yourself to a new necklace, earring or maybe a blouse or scarf? Something that makes you feel good... wear it on Tuesday and know you are special. You will do great. xoxox

  2. Thank you Reema, I will take you up on your suggestion.

    It is a lot of money. He refused to pay for over 10 years. I think he was ticketed or arrested on a moving violation and that is how he got in the system.

  3. By the way... you should add pictures on your blog... of you, your cooking, grandkids, kids... just a thought! :)

  4. Thanks Reema, I agree, I want to, but I'm a computer "dummy" so I need to be shown how. I intend to get Tiff to help me, when her life settles down.

  5. Hey Sandy... just want you to know that I will be thinking of you tomorrow as you have your day in court. God is in control. You will be great. May God's will shine through it all. xoxox

  6. Thank you Reema,
    I actually got a call this afternoon from the D.A., because my ex paid something last Friday, she has decided to not play hard ball right now. She asked me to not go to court but if he defaults again, she will call me back. Your prayers are still very welcome and appreciated.