Thursday, March 18, 2010

Decisions... Part 2

Well, some decisions have been made. I am very grateful to be able to pray about important decisions and truly feel prompted in a direction and then feel a confirmation that my decision is correct.

First of all, I am moving in with Tiffany. I am with her all the time anyway, and it just seems the logical thing to do. We are getting along quite well. There is a larger apartment available mid April, so, we are packing up again.

We moved all my stuff out of my sister's attic on Saturday. We have a garage at the new apartment complex and it is now a little over half full. We moved Tiff's stuff out of a smaller storage unit also. We then went to IKEA and got some heavy duty storage shelving. Tiff and I were going to get them up this week, but with her bronchitis and my trying to follow suit, we haven't gotten to it yet.

We also decided to move my bed over. The girls think it is really neat that grandma has her bed set up in their room right now. The laugh and giggle as they climb up on it. I have it set high, on risers, to make it easier for me to get in and out. Raising the bed about 6 inches really does help. So they climb up and jump on me. Kullie used to do the same thing when I lived in Mesa. I do love all these little girls.

We are also beginning the process to become foster parents. I've thought about doing this for decades, but never found myself in a position to be able to do it. Now I am. Tiffany has also wanted to do it, but not as long as me of course. We qualify to take in just girls, since there isn't a man in the house. That is okay with both of us.

We were supposed to go to the first class this week, but the sicknesses won over. So, next week I believe we will start. I believe there are 8 classes, and we are also asking for additional training for special needs children. I certainly have lots of experience taking care of an autistic child... and hopefully the patience that HAS to go with it.

Those are my two big decisions I was working on. I will have to transfer my church records yet again. This will be my 14th move since I was first married, but I'm not counting this small detour by itself. I'm counting this move and the one in a few weeks as one move. I'm technically living with Tiff now, since my my bed has been moved over. It was just too hard with the previous sleeping arrangements. But everything else is going straight over to the new place.

As I contemplate over my life I have come to a conclusion.... I am destined to take care of little children... a job I dearly love.

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