Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Waiting For Lab Results...

I am waiting for the lab results of a blood test taken last week. My doctor's office called me, but I was driving and unable to take the call. They asked me to call back for the results. I've called back, but had to leave a message, so it's telephone tag time.

I decided that I ought to know if I have Celiac disease for sure and not just a gluten intolerance. I decided that after I learned that gluten can be fatal if Celiac disease is involved, so I need to know just how careful I need to be.

I was never a fan of waiting....

I've already eliminated gluten from my diet. About the only thing left is taking the sacrament, which means I will have to talk to my bishop. Maybe those arrangements have already been made for other gluten intolerant members in this ward.

Speaking of my new ward... I got a call this morning from the ward clerk. My records have already been transferred! I didn't request it, I was going to when I actually attended that ward, the week after next. Man are they efficient here! I hope I get assigned home teachers quickly. I never did get any when I was in Tualatin, although I kept asking. I was told last Sunday, when I went to say goodbye, that home teachers were finally assigned to me. Oh well. I did have visiting teachers.

For those who are not members and don't know what those are, home teachers are two men or a man with a young man (like a father and son), that visit each family in the ward to give a spiritual message and make sure the family is getting their needs met. Visiting teachers are a pair or women who are assigned to each sister to also deliver a message of spiritual matters and also make sure she is doing ok. I like having home teachers and visiting teachers, it helps in the process of trying to feel connected.

Feeling connected is such a challenge to me...

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