Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Good Day.

What is it that makes a day good? Is it the things that happen around me or is it my attitude towards the things that go on around me?

Today didn't start out much different from any other day in recent history. I am still staying at Tiffany's very little apartment during the week because my car is acting up and I don't trust it to not completely break down in the middle of rush hour traffic on the freeway. It is something in the fuel line. Even though I replaced the fuel filter less than a year ago, I have been told it could be that or some other part of the line. Whatever it is, it needs to be fixed before I will be comfortable driving it around again.

The car actually belongs to my middle son, he bought it because my husband-at-the-time (we will call him "D" from now on) drove my beautiful 1994 Plymouth Grand Voyager mini-van into the ground and I was without wheels. I paid a fortune to replace the transmission and then a bunch of other things fell apart, so I called it quits on my long, up to then faithful friend. It was so hard letting go. I bought it shortly after I became a single parent and it was the first time I financed a vehicle totally on my own. That van meant a lot to me... perseverance, commitment, determination, and independence. I took good care of it and it ran beautifully until "D" started driving it. He is really hard on vehicles, and my poor van was only able to hang on for a few more years. Yes, it was old, would be 16 now, but I firmly believe it would still be going had I been the only driver. I certainly wouldn't have destroyed the transmission to a pile of broken metal parts.

Anyway, my son, Danny, does not have his driver's license but he did have some money for a down payment. Danny had two objectives in buying a car... 1-make sure mom had a way to get around and 2-make sure he had a way to get to where he wanted to go. So Danny pays for the car and I drive it, and when he needs to get somewhere, I take him. I feel very blessed to have this arrangement right now, because I don't have enough income to handle car payments. Anyway, I have paid for pretty much every repair the car has needed. I'm still not sure who will pay for this repair, the family thinks it should be Danny this time. Presently it is parked at my house, I got it there last night, and I am waiting to hear what Danny has decided to do.

What does this all have with having a good day? I guess I was thinking about it because despite this rather large crimp in my life, I am happy. If I don't let it get me down, I can stay happy.

My heart is happy. I have 6 beautiful and very different from each other children. I have a basket FULL of grand children. I am back in Oregon, I love the Pacific Northwest. I feel like my life is falling into place. I have many reasons to be happy.

Did I mention I have had a migraine trying to grab a hold of my head for the past week. It was awful last week, then I saw my chiropractor on Saturday and after the adjustment I felt a whole lot better. But I need another adjustment, which is happening on Saturday again. But I'm still happy.... just don't make any loud noises please.

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