Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Day Has Finally Arrived...

Well....... this is it.

I don't feel any different, but then again, I didn't expect that.

But I am older just the same.

I guess I'm glad I started talking about my 50th birthday a few months ago. It gave me the opportunity to settle into it. I've come to accept the inevitable.... I have now been on this earth for half a century.

Today will be a day like most other days. The girls are now up and eating breakfast. The apartment again smelled of cigarette smoke when we first got up, so Tiffany opened the balcony door. Now it's cold, but it smells better. Same ol' same ol'.

We got the keys to the new place yesterday. It seems smaller. But this place seemed small til we actually got the furniture in. I hope it is the same over there. My bedroom is smaller over there, but I won't be sharing the closet. Tiffany is going to share the master bedroom with the girls. It is much bigger. I hope it is big enough. So she is getting a real bedroom with her own closet at last. And the livingroom will be a living room, no bed in it.

We have decided to put my grandmother's buffet in the dining area. The dining area is not very big, but it will fit. This buffet belonged to my father's mother, and is a cherished family heirloom.

When my grandparents died, my father was only 17 years old. They died within 6 months of each other, my grandmother first of cancer, then my grandfather. Dad said he died of a broken heart. After the second funeral, my father told the story that he returned to his home only to find relatives had gone through his house and taken alot of the funiture, including his own bedroom set. He was understandable upset. Over the years, he found and reclaimed some of the furniture, and the buffet was one of them. But when he got it back, the legs and mirror were gone. Someone had actually cut off the legs (something I do not understand). The buffet sat in our kitchen for years. One day dad was really excited. He had found an exact duplicate of grandma's buffet at an antique shop, legs and mirror intact, and purchased it for $25. The body was not in good shape, but the legs and mirror were. He cut off the legs (this time I understand it) and put the mirror on his buffet. He never did actually attach the legs, they sat in a box for years. He then sold the body of the buffet to the neighbor across the street for $20 or $25. That was still a good deal.

Mom gave me the buffet a few years ago. I have cherished it, loved it. Last year she found the legs and Chris reattached them. It is not as strong, because the back legs were actually cut, but it is strong enough. It completely changed the look, it looks much more elegant now.

Someday this buffet will be passed on to one of my children. But not for awhile, I'm still young, I'm only 50 after all.

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