Friday, December 24, 2010

And The Winner Is...

I would like to say Thank You to all those who participated in my "read my blog and comment for a chance to win a Target gift card" drawing.

I'm sorry I didn't keep up with daily postings, I was under the weather most of this week and didn't do much of anything.

Well, it is now Christmas Eve.

I am feeling much better today and even managed to do some baking and delivered some presents.

Then I put all the names in a bowl and drew out one piece of folded paper.

The name on that piece of paper was:



Now, I've been thinking of doing this again. I can't afford the $25 gift card every month or so, but I can do 2 movie tickets to Cinemark, Regal, or AMC. These are 2 adult tickets good for non-starred attractions. The next drawing will be on March 1st, so be sure to keep coming back often and leave your comments.

Whoever leaves 2 comments tonight or tomorrow will get their name put in twice!! Leave 2 comments both days and get entered 4 times! Just leave a comment on two different postings of at least 6 words each, each day, and I will enter you twice. This is good only for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, 2010.

Thank you again and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

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  1. woohooo!! hey, wanna go shopping with me? lol
    cool-now I can go buy some more jeans for my boys :)