Friday, December 10, 2010

God Is Bigger Than The Boogie Man...

Well, I'm trying to write everyday...

Now I have to get my brain to think of something to write.

Veggietales is playing in the background... The girls are singing along... "broccoli, celery, gotta be..... Veggietales........"

I love these little movies. They teach wonderful biblical standards in a way little kids can understand. The one playing now is "Where's God When I'm Scared?"

Have you ever asked that question? How do I get past this? Where can I find relief from the stress? I need help, so where is it?

Lately I've been trying to set all my worldly concerns aside and just concentrate on trusting God. I can't change things outside me, I can only change me. I've prayed many times to understand what it is I need to do to protect my future. The answer I repeatedly receive back... "Trust Me"....

I'm smiling as I listen to the songs.... "God is bigger than the Boogie man, He's bigger than Godzilla or the monsters on tv.... Oh, God is bigger than the Boogie man, and He's watching out for you and me."

Yes, God is watching out for you and me... He knows what we need even before we know it. He knows my situation, He knows my concerns. He knows my desire to do what I need to do. He knows my limitations in carrying out my desires. His answers continues to be "Trust Me".

Maybe that is my answer because He knows how hard that is for me to do. To trust Him means to exercise complete faith. He wants to stretch me, mold me in His image. How can I become His image if I don't trust Him?

Trust God... two small but ultimately powerful words.

Two words that can move mountains, bring down cities, and calm the seas...

I need to shut the world off around me... I need to focus my heart outwards... Towards Him....

I used to say "God hasn't brought me this far only to drop me now"... I do believe that still applies.

The video is now over.... "Remember... God made you special and He loves you very much".

Yes, I can believe that now. I didn't always believe it, but now I do.

Where is God when I'm scared?

He's standing all around me, encouraging me, holding me up, coaxing me forward, preparing my way.

He simply is... and in that I can trust.

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  1. That song has been stuck in my head a lot lately. I love the Veggies and their amazing ways of making you remember the most simple of principles.

  2. Alison begged for the movie, and shortly after we got it, I heard her singing it to a friend, who was sad because he missed his mom. He was staying with us for a few days because of a family crisis. It was so sweet, I told Tiffany that Alison was a little missionary. :-)

  3. Netflix has a lot of the VeggieTales available for instant streaming now too. The girls are getting a lot of them now.... over and over and over.... lol