Thursday, December 16, 2010

One of Those Days....

Today was a busy day that did not end as I had thought it would in the beginning.

Last night the car started making a grinding noise. This morning the brake light came on. As soon as I was able, I got it into a shop. Prognosis: the right rotor had seized up and it was grinding, metal on metal. The brakes never squeaked like they were supposed to, I guess that happened because the rotor had seized up. The left brakes weren't worn down as far, it was uneven and I don't really understand that. I sure wish the brakes had of squeaked.

Price: $414 and some change... OUCH!!! If they can save the rotor it will be about $260. I have a feeling the rotor isn't savable. They couldn't get to it today, so I left it at the shop and will get it back... and the bill... around noon tomorrow.

I don't like it when my plans get changed. I didn't get to go to my 12-step meeting tonight and I really missed it. Because of this change I had to change tomorrow also. I won't be spending the morning with a friend at the temple. We may not be able to do lunch either. Depends on when they call me to come and get it. I really enjoy visiting with this friend and am disappointed the plans got changed.

UPDATE: The next day... just a smiggin under $400, the rotors were shot.

I really didn't think on my assignment today, to much "other" going on.

But as I think now, one thought comes to mind.... I am glad I am more than a rotor... I am glad God did not see me as too worn out to bother with... I am very glad He saw and continues to see me as savable.

That is definitely something to be grateful for.

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