Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Is Coming...

I love Christmas time.

I love the colors and the music. I love the nippy cold that makes hot chocolate so much better.

And I love having an excuse to go shopping.

I used to have fun with mistletoe.....

Oh well, maybe next year.

The plan has been to drive to Montana with Danny and enjoy a white and burringly (is that a word?) cold Christmas with my folks. I even got some small gifts for the Montana mountain man's two pre-teen kids. I have a joke gift in mind for him as well.... my step-dad seems to think I don't have a sense of humor, which I do.... I just happen to be of a more sober and serious nature than he is most of the time. I still know how to laugh, thank you very much.

So after hearing some of those hunting stories, I decided to get him (hunting mountain man, let's refer to him as "R" from now on) a pair of warm socks and a roll of tp. They do go together... but please don't ask how, just take my word for it that it is funny.

But now that the time is actually approaching and we've already been hit with some ice, I'm having serious rethinking thoughts.

The ice happened around Thanksgiving. Two families in my ward had family that flipped their cars attempting to make it to or from Thanksgiving dinner. Black ice is dangerous. I heard of other accidents from my Facebook friends. I really don't want to take that kind of a risk. Even if we get there okay, there is also the trip back.

So we thought maybe the train would be a good alternative. After discussing alternatives, Danny checked into the train prices... OUCH!! The rates about tripled for the holidays, to a whopping $760 for two round trip tickets from Portland, OR to Kalispel, MT. That is just too much for us. Flying is even more, and after taking a bus trip from Portland to Phoenix, I swore I would NEVER do that again!

So it is looking more and more like we might have to stay home and make the trip in a few months when the train rates get back to being reasonable, but there is still snow on the ground.

Turns out my daughters are all worried about us making the trip too, so the rethinking is becoming stronger and stronger.

So, if the final decision is to stay home, we are going to have a belated Christmas in February. I'll take my gifts with me then..... and I know "R" will appreciate my "subtle" reference to his hunting stories.

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