Monday, April 5, 2010

Let The Packing Begin.....

Today I begin packing... Not my things, those are already packed and moved. Waiting in a storage garage for the new apartment to be ready.

That day will be this coming Friday, April 9th.

So I begin packing up Tiffany's apartment. Luckily, most of her things are already in plastic tubs with lids. She found this was the easiest way to be organized in this little apartment. The chore for me today is to do the kitchen, which is not in plastic tubs. Being a very small kitchen, it won't take much. I have already emptied the biggest cupboard. Boxed foods went into some purchased fabric store bags with handles. The canned foods went into small banker's boxes. The kind you can buy in packs of 10 and are used to hold files and other paper type goods. They are sturdy, uniform in size and have handles and a lid so they are easy for me to move and stack.

Probably half of my belongings are in those banker's boxes. I think I have about 60 in the garage now. When not in use they can be easily flattened again, and stored away for future use. No tape required, unless you want to secure the lid in place.

I also made a call today to arrange help with moving the couches and my buffet (an antique piece of furniture with a mirror and used to hold linens, silverware, and serving dishes. The buffet is still at my sister's house, so we will have to drive out there to get it. I need a truck and a few strong guys to help. It shouldn't take too long. I really appreciate being able to call my new ward and get the help I need.

Tiffany, Danny and I have worked hard to get as much taken care of on our own as we could. I don't really intend to have anyone help me unload the garage, it will be a slow process, moving only those things I can unpack right away, as I am able to unpack them, so the apartment doesn't start off feeling cramped. I guess it would be nice to have some help with the bookshelves, I'm sure Danny would appreciate that, but everything else we can take our time with.

Actually, that will be nice. My intentions are that I will finally be able to get all my stuff organized without being cramped or overwhelmed along the way. That is my intention anyway. We will see how it plays out.

Well, I just put Chloe down for her nap, so it is time to pull out another box and start filling it up.

Oh.... the joys of the move!

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