Thursday, April 1, 2010

Renters, Taxes, and Disappointments...

I got very sad news today. My son Chris called from Arizona. He rarely calls, so I was surprised and as we were talking I kept thinking "was there a specific reason why he called?" We talked for several minutes,which is also rare.

Then he told me why he called. He and Crystal had been planning to come for Tiffany's graduation in June. We were all very excited about getting the whole group together. We have not all been together since Michelle's wedding in Sept of 2002. I was really looking forward to getting a picture of us all together. I was really looking forward to holding Kullie again, I miss her so much. I was really looking forward to seeing my oldest son again and his wife.

They can't come...

They own a one bedroom, loft condo in Mesa. It was Chris's home before they got married. After they found out Crystal was pregnant they tried to sell it. With this awful economy, it just hasn't happened. But they were able to get a nice house, and rent the condo... which is great if the renters stay. Their renters up and left last month, no notice, no nothing. At least they didn't do damage to the unit.

But now that they have to foot the bill for two mortgages, they can't afford the trip in June. If by some miracle a new renter is found ASAP, then maybe, but it is not too likely. Does anyone out there know of someone in the Mesa, Arizona area that would like to rent a really nice one-bedroom, loft condo with a single car garage?

He also said they didn't get back as much in taxes as they had hoped, but they are putting it all away so that hopefully they can come around Christmas or January. I hope they can come then, I wonder if Kullie will recognize me next time she finally sees me?

So today has had some disappointments. I haven't told Tiffany yet, she will be even more disappointed then I am. I wonder if there is ice cream in the freezer???

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